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Jeffrey Zamora

Jeffrey Zamora

President of Asovape Costa Rica
LATAM: Current situation of Harm Reduction for people unable or unwilling to quit smoking

Jeffrey Zamora, a dynamic figure with a strong dedication to harm reduction and tobacco harm reduction advocacy. Jeffrey is a versatile professional, serving as a Social Media and marketing expert, Harm Reduction Advocate, Vaping Enthusiast, Videographer, and Photographer, bringing a rich array of talents to our forum.

Jeffrey is the president of Asovape Costa Rica, a pro-tobacco harm reduction (Pro-THR) consumer organization, and a board member of ARDT Iberoamerica, an alliance of consumer organizations championing tobacco harm reduction in the Iberoamerican region. His personal journey is compelling; having smoked for 17 years, he stumbled into harm reduction when he purchased a nicotine vaporizer to cut back on his 30-a-day cigarette habit. What started as a reduction effort turned into a seamless transition to a less risky alternative, making him an accidental advocate for tobacco harm reduction.

In his professional life, Jeffrey specializes in Social Media and Marketing, collaborating with NGOs, Government Entities, and Commercial Brands to amplify important messages and create awareness.

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