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Dr. Lorenzo A. Mata, Jr., MD

Dr. Lorenzo A. Mata, Jr., MD

President of Quit For Good
Saving Smokers' Lives: Embracing Tobacco Harm Reduction Through Policy and Regulation

Dr. Lorenzo Mata, a distinguished expert in harm reduction and the President of Quit For Good, a non-profit organization dedicated to mitigating the harm caused by tobacco cigarettes through compassionate strategies. Dr. Mata's influence extends far and wide as a recognized Harm Reduction Expert in the Philippines, contributing to significant legislative initiatives, including the "Non-combustible Nicotine Delivery System Regulation Act of 2020."

With over three and a half decades of experience as an Occupational Medical Specialist, Dr. Mata's commitment to harm reduction has been integral to his medical practice. As a concierge Medical Practitioner, he continues to make a profound impact, providing personalized home care, including COVID-19 treatment, to his community. Dr. Lorenzo Mata's dedication to informed, compassionate strategies is a beacon of hope and change.

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