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5th Asia Harm Reduction Forum

Bridging gaps and distances, the fifth edition of the annual AHRF will be a hybrid and  dynamic gathering of tobacco harm reduction advocates from different parts of the world.


Asia Harm Reduction Forum 2022

Set on a virtual sphere, the Asia Harm Reduction Forum 2022 served as an online platform to educate a wider audience on recent studies and developments in public health. Built on the success of three events, it aimed to add to the growing literature on harm reduction and fortify the collected support from advocates in the Asian region.


It is everyone’s right to have accurate information on harm reduction that will promote a healthier life and environment. This event hoped to provide the latest research and studies on tobacco harm reduction and allow its attendees to build global connections in furthering this advocacy.

Learn, Interact, and Build Networks

Attendees were treated to presentations and discussions led by chief experts from the fields of science, policy-making, and consumer advocacy discussed research-based solutions and holistic strategies in order to forward alternative products and accessible education for the best interest of all. It was an excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge, adopt the best practices and form networks to inspire unity and strengthen the advocacy of the health movement.

Join from Anywhere in the World

If you weren’t able to attend the actual event on October 28, 2022, a replay of this year’s event will be readily available for replay online anytime and anywhere on this website.

Access Information and Education Materials

As part of our advocacy on providing accessible information to the public, the materials presented by the invited speakers at the AHRF 2022 will be made accessible on this website. Get the latest updates and innovations on harm reduction through the perspectives of our different leaders and thinkers by downloading a personal copy.


Who We Are

The Asia Harm Reduction Forum (AHRF) is a non-profit and interdisciplinary organization that advances public health education for the improvement of lives and environments across the globe. It is an international avenue for experts, academics, and advocates to share and exchange research findings, product developments, and pragmatic solutions on tobacco harm reduction that can address the prevailing health concerns in society. Ultimately, its goal is to incorporate harm reduction in the formulation of policies among Asian countries to guarantee the promotion and protection of overall health and well-being.

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