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6th Asia Harm Reduction Forum

Forging connections beyond borders, the sixth installment of the AHRF promises a Vibrant and Innovative future as we unite Global Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates from Around the World.


Asia Harm Reduction Forum 2023

As we resiliently emerge from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asia Harm Reduction Forum 2023 has convened in-person! Serving as a premier platform for disseminating the latest scientific studies and advancements in the field of Public Health, our physical gathering fosters stronger bonds and encourages more innovative discussions on our key topics.

The fundamental right to access information is critical for all, particularly when it pertains to harm reduction strategies that empower individuals to lead healthier lives in a safer environment. This event pledges to deliver the most cutting-edge research and studies on tobacco harm reduction, offering attendees a unique platform to cultivate global connections in advancing this vital advocacy.

Learn, Engage, Forge Relations

Attendees were privileged to engage in presentations and discussions guided by foremost experts in the realms of science, policy-making, and consumer advocacy. These experts delved into research-backed solutions and comprehensive strategies aimed at advancing alternative products and accessible education for the collective benefit of all. This event provided an exceptional opportunity to acquire fresh insights, embrace best practices, and foster connections, ultimately serving as a source of inspiration for unity and the reinforcement of the health movement's advocacy.

Be part of the movement, wherever you are

If you weren’t able to attend the actual event on October 19, 2023, a replay of this year’s event will be readily available for replay online anytime and anywhere on this website.

Access Information and Learning Materials

As an integral component of our commitment to disseminating accessible information to the public, we will ensure that the materials presented by our esteemed speakers at AHRF 2023 are readily available on this website. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and innovations in harm reduction, as seen through the diverse perspectives of our thought leaders and experts, by easily downloading your personal copy.


Who We Are

The Asia Harm Reduction Forum (AHRF) is a non-profit and interdisciplinary organization that advances public health education for the improvement of lives and environments across the globe. It is an international avenue for experts, academics, and advocates to share and exchange research findings, product developments, and pragmatic solutions on tobacco harm reduction that can address the prevailing health concerns in society. Ultimately, its goal is to incorporate harm reduction in the formulation of policies among Asian countries to guarantee the promotion and protection of overall health and well-being.



One billion consumers of safer nicotine products ought to be the principal beneficiaries of enlightened, science-based regulatory frameworks allowing us access to the life-saving technologies of these products.  


We deserve to be properly and effectively represented to and by the delegates of our respective countries, with our interests first and foremost in any policy discussion around our use of nicotine.  We deserve to take our rightful place at the table during policy discussions and be treated with respect and consideration.  


We call on all delegates in the Western Pacific Region (WPRO)  to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, as representatives of their respective countries allow adult citizens to have access to safer alternatives to combustible and unsafe oral nicotine through risk proportionate regulation of safer nicotine products, including E-cigarettes, Heat Not Burn Tobacco and snus.

We urge the Delegates to:



here at AHRF 2023, demand for COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY of the process and proceedings for CoP (Conference of the Parties) meetings is rooted in the principles of openness, accountability, and fairness. Addressing crucial issues, such as those discussed at CoP meetings, the public and all stakeholders should have access to clear and unambiguous information about how decisions are made and actions are taken.


  • Consumers, researchers, and the media to be actively engaged and represented at EVERY LEVEL within the process, extending to the highest level of delegation membership. This call for inclusivity ensures a well-rounded and transparent approach, where diverse perspectives, research insights, and media scrutiny contribute to more comprehensive and fair decision-making. By including these stakeholders at every level, we can strive for a process that is not only accountable but also better equipped to address the multifaceted challenges we face at AHRF 2023.

  • Financial transparency regarding the FUNDING of the WHO FCTC (World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) reflects a fundamental commitment to accountability, ethical governance, and the responsible use of resources. It underscores the importance of clarity and openness in how financial resources are managed and allocated in an organization as critical as the WHO FCTC.

  • WHO FOLLOWS THEIR MANDATE, specifically in relation to the definition of 'tobacco control' within the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), is founded on a deep commitment to safeguarding public health and advancing evidence-based strategies to combat the global tobacco epidemic. By doing so, we prioritize the health and well-being of populations worldwide and remain committed to evidence-based, comprehensive, and equitable strategies to combat this significant public health challenge.

  • WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) must center on the principles of evidence-based decision-making, transparency, and scientific rigor in its actions and policy formulation. It must adhere to the practice of openly and comprehensively considering and sharing all relevant published and peer-reviewed scientific studies, without bias regarding their source.

  • INFORMATION must be grounded in the principles of accuracy, objectivity, and the pursuit of sound scientific knowledge within the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO must cease the dissemination of disinformation, biased opinions, and rhetoric that is antagonistic to Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR), and instead, steadfastly follows established scientific evidence. By adhering to these principles and ceasing the dissemination of disinformation and biased opinions, the organization can enhance its effectiveness in promoting global public health and addressing the complex challenges associated with tobacco use and harm reduction.

19th of October 2023 – Manila,  Philippines


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